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Fall Is Here!

There is always things happening behind the scenes with VQM! Either a band is going or coming from tour or getting ready to release something new. If you have not had the chance to catch up here is what is going on for Sept/Oct. Final Drive and Beauty In The Suffering has tour dates that are being worked on and some have already been announced while others are getting ready to set off the news flashes. Also just recently as Sept. 1rst Beauty In The Suffering released their brand new song world wide, Juliet! With a feel of history added to the mix, the song will take you instantly to Romeo and Juliet and then wrap you up in something you were not expecting. “Musically entrancing and mentally binding” was what was quoted by one of our writers.  You all know that Final Drive has been on tour most of the year. However this tour coming up will be the Run For Your Life tour as it too pushes their new album release. So  much going on and yet there is more. Saence has been in a long sleep from the public, but far from actual sleep they will be revealing their long awaited album before the end of this year as well with former members who have returned to see this project through.  Virucide will be on a hiatus after Sept. 13th, their vocalist Matthew Oliver is stepping down for a while as he works on his life needs and progresses in his educational mode. They are not done, just writing new material and working on the slow but steady transformation that you will see when the time is ready. I have updated you on most of what the bands are doing, now I will update you on VQM……. New VDQM magazine is being launched this fall, online and hard copy with the whisper of a 2015 Calendar to accompany it. Wait for it….you will get the ability to have posters too in this magazine that will be limited editions from full photos of individuals to band photos. Get ready here we come!


Reboot Program Showcases

We are working on a hand full of specialized showcases featuring The Reboot Program in all it encompasses. There are a lot of all age venues that we work with directly an there has been a lot of talk about the fact that many bands do not utilize their privilege to the fullest. We ask for the opportunity to have kids participate in our shows yet so many do not want to bring them to the venues because of fear that the children will be involved with negative things such as drinking or drugs. Not true! We want our children to have the chance to experience a music event in a positive environment with music that will encourage them to do things in their future. All the years kids are taught to be apart of music an band in their schools yet something that is directly related to the music scene and apparently people get the wrong impression an feel that it is a negative influence on their young kids. I am here to help change this point of view. Many of our musicians have children and want them to see what they do and what drives them to be a musician. Many musicians are young an want to show their families what makes them happy. Support these choices an give them the chance to prove themselves by allowing your youth of today to go and enjoy these shows. Come along with them an make it a family event. All music styles is not for all people, but music has a way of getting into your soul and if you open yourself up to new things you will see it is for everyone. There is no color or race, nor religion nor politic that will be judged when it comes to our shows an the sounds you hear. Support the education of our kids an show them there is more to music then just what they hear on the radio. Sept 30th at Bada Brew is a special show for the IL side. Our event is for families to come an enjoy some good food and fun music. Adults are $5 to get in, and usually your minors would cost more but on this showcase we are offering a smaller amount for minors at $3 dollar door an for kids 12 and under who bring a white T-shirt to have signed by our musicians that night …they get in FREE. What more can we ask for?2047a1c000lpaper_jpg


News Flash for VQM

We will be launching our newest section of VQM here shortly. There has been some wonderful growth in our company camp. Thanks to a few of our staff members who are expanding on the media aspect we will be adding the Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine to our growing empire. I have to say that 20 years ago I would never have imagined this company being so full. It has been through many changes and we keep moving forward with a positive stride. Nothing has it’s ups without it’s downs so by no means am I saying that all of the progress has been without hard times. Every thing that has happened though has been a learning curve and I do not regret a thing. We have lost some bands along the way due to many factors, however that has allowed us to pick up some new artists with their unique story. You will get a first hand look at some of the behind the scenes photos, interviews, reviews an a little more personal feel of our artists behind the bands and their multi pages on this media highway. We will keep you posted on this as well as many other new pieces of information that will be released prior to Sept 1rst!







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