Voodoo Queen Management

VQM Tour dates

Final Drive and Beauty In The Suffering will be touring this summer in full force. July 11th through July 26th will be Midwest Dates for the Debut Tour of Beauty In The Suffering as they make their way from OK City through IL, MO,TN, IN, OH, MI back through OK area. Heavy push in these areas for some of the die hard Marazene fans from Dietrich Thrall’s original project who are extremely excited to see this new burst of industrial energy an theatrics!  Now July 11th also kicks off the start of Final Drive’s tour dates from July through end of August with the Buried In You Tour for 2014. Working their way in the Midwest as well as down south for this set of tour dates. They will be hitting OH, IL, MO, OK, TX, KY<AR and some other areas as they ramble on with solid hitting showcases and some amazing supporting locals. We know that both of these bands are working long hours not only on the shows and their music but networking and making their contacts and building relationships. Thanks to everyone out there who supports their local scene an in turn helping out those who are working outside of the box an tour from town to town spreading the disease of their music!