Voodoo Queen Management


Who do you think it will be? We have many networking bands that fit the criteria for a new full time roster band. A lot of you may know already but there is a hint of GREEN in the air. So many people do not understand why we pick the bands we do. Simple, they are solid and they ROCK! We will continue to stand by our networking bands and we expect to see much growth this year with our full time bands. Keep your eyes open folks!





News for VQM

Welcome 2015! We have been through alot this year and 2014 has been a great experience. Not to say that we have not had our down times, sad moments, scary run ins, exciting roller coasters of life rides, but all in all it has been amazing. We have let a few artists go and we have wished them well on their new endeavor. Now this year with our three main bands we will be adding a few more full time roster bands. Of course we will continue to grow our network and support our main bands that support us.I am thrilled to announce the changes, like everything though that we do there will be a time and place. Just know our staff is building some strong ties with so many cross promotional companies and radio stations to give our bands everything they will need to progress. Development is only one thing we offer, the strength of having a family in this industry that supports you is the main thing behind our management company. Our departments are growing and we are extremely proud of them in their expansion. Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine has flown sky high with it’s achievements this year in the short time it has been around. The Reboot Program is growing constantly and we will be working more into the educational department this year. Our Voodoo PR is brand new, however the public relations has always been a huge part of VQM, it is simply just opening it up for more atainable uses this year. What’s New With Voodoo will be growing as well, as our many video interviews will be coming from more than just myself. Some of our staff across the nation and internationally will be joining in to make this section succeed. Every down moment has it’s ups! 2015 Here we come! Thank you for all the love and support over the years, it will be 21 years in February of 2015 that Voodoo Queen has been going in some way shape or form. Sounds young doesn’t it?