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News for VQM

It is the holiday season and we are happy to say that all of our bands have something that you can purchase for someone special. Final Drive has brand new merch to go along with the new album LIFESWORK that has just been released. You can also still grab some limited items from Saence, and Virucide. Please visit them all and give the gift of blood, sweat and tears! Each artist has so many things to offer and it is no different then purchasing from your local businesses. We encourage you to talk to them, whether it be on twitter or facebook. Make it personal have them sign the item before shipping it to you. We do have a new limited edition T-Shirt coming for VQM as well. However if you want any of the white shirts we have up on our page now is the time to request them. They will no longer be available after the first of the year. We know that many things will be changing come 2015, it would not be growth if that did not occur. So keep your horns high and your metal smiles on for the holidays. Bring your love for music into the life of others. Children are always excited to get signed posters and they do not cost that much, remember what it was like as a kid and having posters all over your room. Think out of the box this season.>a<imagesF47BBHDL